My Spiritual Re-Cap of 2014.

I gave this talk last Sunday. It starts with the last of the 4 Agreements and finishes with what do we know for sure, what I know changes all the time, so I encourage you to hold loosely and love more.

2014 Spiritual Recap

What I know for sure: At least for today!

  • I know you are what you think about. So be careful with what you hold in your mind.
  • I know words are powerful, so be careful what you say, to yourself and others.
  • I know we are loved children of God.
  • I know we are part of GOD\GOD is part of us.
  • We are souls that inhabit a body\ not the other way around.
  • I know we are born complete, full of love and light and power- that we lose.
  • I know we are not separate from anything. This causes most of the problems in the world; we are all one with each other and God.
  • We create our own hells every day- it’s a choice
  • We can choose to create heaven – it is a choice. My new Mantra is “I don’t mind what happens.” Try living it, it will transform your life.
  • I know we are made to live life as a verb – with action. John Spong says “wastefully” – beautiful.
  • I know we are all the directors of our own movie – you choose the actors, locations and script, so choose wisely. Remember you might be a co-star in someone else movie, its not all about you.
  • I know the past doesn’t exist, nor does the future. Live in the present moment. It’s perfect.
  • HOLD LOOSELY, we are wrong about almost everything.
  • I know facts are relative. See above.
  • I know we get the chance to create our own reality – by our choices, every day.
  • I know happiness\Bliss comes from with-in, and not from outside us or outside conditions…PERIOD. The rest is attachment.
  • I know the only person I can change is me – anything else is madness – so don’t try.
  • I know you are not your thoughts, keep your EGO in check. EGO = edging God out.
  • I know that forgiveness begins and ends with you. You can’t forgive others (one of the most important things you can do) until you learn to forgive yourself – really forgive yourself.
  • I know that to truly forgive those you don’t think deserve it, is a path to heaven here on earth.
  • I know we are hardest on ourselves without a reason. Let go\let God. God loves us as we are – no exceptions and somehow its all is part of His plan.
  • I know that everybody wakes up to do their best. Sometimes it’s just not that good.
  • I know nothing anybody else does it about you, don’t take it personally or make assumptions- it’s the road to ruin\ hell fire.
  • I know that we need to work our religion with a 21st century world view, we don’t have it right, the beauty is GOD lets the children run the circus.
  • I know that we are loved in a way we cannot begin to fathom.
  • I know the most noise comes from the shallow end of the religious pool.
  • I know we only see/comprehend such a small part of the beauty and wonder around us, in this wide and wonderful tapestry of the universe.
  • I know we are part of something so large and magnificent its beyond words.
  • I know God works all too good in ways we can’t comprehend.
  • I know we hold on to the wrong “stuff.”
  • I know we would rather be right than happy – what a shame. Let go of your minds\ egos need for control.
  • I know we need a new word for God/Love – something more inclusive, expansive, wastefully, not human love…His love transcends all things – words are just pointers that fail us at this level.
  • I know that this life has the opportunity to be the best part of our journey – we get to love, touch, feel, experience, cry, weep, grieve, experience joy and exaltation.
  • The journey doesn’t end in death, we transcend death.
  • I know we are big enough to transcend our petty differences, when we embrace our new world view.
  • I know I am called to be bigger than myself, better than myself.
  • I know SIN, or the elimination of it in our lives, has more to do with us being happy in this life than where we go when we die.
  • I know all true religions are about God’s love to us – anything else comes from man.
  • I know we cannot die – the body dies, but we are Spirit, part of God.
  • I know if anyone uses religion to hurt people, put people down, empower themselves at the expense of others, it comes from them, not God. PERIOD.
  • I know God doesn’t change, but our understanding of Him does. Thank Him.
  • I know it’s a love story on a scale we cannot begin to understand.
  • I know Jesus got it and tried to give it to us – awareness\love\transcendence. A picture of God’s face on earth.
  • I know I am a work in progress, not a work of perfection.
  • I know I am grateful.
  • I know I am loved.
  • I know you are, too.


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