The Party “Pastor”

So today I start adding my old “taped” talks, this one is from 5-25-2014, the day after a party I went to, and I realized what my mentor Pastor Bill Bruehl had told me years ago, people are hungry for God. I am at this party, and many of my friends know I now “Preach” 3 Sundays a month, so I spent a considerable amount of time at a “party” talking about GOD , beautiful .More importantly I spoke to a dear friend that night, and I saw the light bulb come on. I speak to him and meet with him regularly, but this is the interaction where I started to see “the change”. Its Beautiful, its also not a 1 and done kind of thing, the thing called spirituality usually comes in fits and starts, but usually once it starts it doesn’t stop. It can be painful, it can be trying, it can be exhilarating, sometimes all at once.
I spoke about moving yourself out of the way, letting more room for God in your life. We have been conditioned to be of this world( Jesus warned us about that), most of us see it as we are taught to see it, conditioned to see it, its a shame, to quote Don Ruiz we are domesticated to it like sheep. Not the beautiful, connected to God beings we really are. As with all things in life, its a choice how you choose to see the world, so choose wisely. We are called to live a great life full of love and peace and joy,its a gift from God ,and we do have more control over that than we believe. I start getting into worrying about the past and future , and present moment awareness, a reoccurring theme with me.

So give a listen, shoot me some comments, join the journey!

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