Threads and Tapestry


I speak to quite a few people in an average week, many of them just wanting to have someone listen to them, empathize with them, let them know they are not alone on the journey. I hear the same things over and over, one of those is that we are not complete, we don’t feel good about ourselves. So I enjoy showing people that we are part of God, and we are loved, there is nothing we can do to change that, if you think so , it comes from you, not God. I quote Genesis 1:26-28 “God made us in his image, reflecting his nature”, Acts 17 24:29 “for in him we live and move and have our being.” John 1 3-8 “Everything was created through him- nothing- not one thing came into being with out him. What came into existence was life, and the life was a light to live by. The light that blazed out of the darkness.” Beautiful.

We are not separate from God, and as much as we are told and think other wise, we are not separate from anything or anybody.  I get into some of my re-occurring themes, “hold on to things loosely”, we are wrong about most things. Ask yourself “are you working to your highest best self?” When I feel off, I try to have the “presence” to ask myself those questions. I also touch on EGO , edging God out, and Sin as missing the mark, much as a archer misses the bull’s-eye. I really think that what God gave us, or tried to give us through Jesus, was the way to our lives closer to God, closer to our true nature. Many of us Christians think our religion is life(death) insurance, something for after we are dead, I think through Christ, God tried to give “health” insurance, how to live our lives completely and full of joy and wonder in this life here on earth.

Also one of my pet peeves, how come so many people that can quote the Bible chapter and verse are so Damn mean? Ah, to the title of the post, I believe its from Rob Bell, we do ourselves a dis-service when we look at any one verse of the Bible as an individual thread, its so easy to take things out of context, be judgmental of others, or use the book to support our position. When we can pull back and look at the wonderful tapestry that God is weaving through the collection of books that are the Bible, see it from a higher vantage point, “see the bigger picture”, that when it truly takes on it full meaning.

It’s a love story on a level we can’t comprehend.


Here is the “tape” from 6-29-2014


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