Get Behind me Satan!

So how this has been working so far is I listen to a recording I made while preaching, take some notes on the sermon, and type an intro to get you started. So here you go!

I was listening to the sermon from 8-31-14, and thinking it was pretty good, also I can hear the birds singing in the background, very nice on a day when its 15 degrees and snowing.
I reference our “Celebrate” its the handout we have in our church that gives us our prayer and scripture readings for the day. This Sunday in August we had Mathew 16:23, where Jesus is telling Peter…. “Get behind me Satan.” What do you think that means in this context? I know that I think most of us get it wrong, is Satan a metaphor for the evil that lurks in all of us. Is Jesus telling Peter, you have to much of the world in you, here I am , right here and you still can’t see… you can’t see something transcendent standing right here, you still have it wrong.
The Bible was written by people trying to understand their world, they were writing to a Jewish audience, they were still Jews long after Jesus died, and they were trying to make sense of their world.

I think we are set on a course, a path, and when we veer from that path, our spiritual guidance system gets out of whack, we drink, get depressed, lash out. Some of us stay in that state forever,” be of this world, not in it”, we think its our normal “broken” state of being. I disagree, we have the opportunity to be complete, or at least move towards completeness every day. Some of us have been broken(incomplete) for so long we don’t know any better, we think its normal, we love the pain we think that’s normal too…

It’s not, Jesus calls us to completeness with God, that’s the message, that might be the entire message of the Bible.

I quote(I use the term loosely)John Shelby Spong, William Sloane Coffin, Deepak Chopra, and Adyashanti, pretty impressive mix even for me.
I get into more of my reoccurring themes “working to your highest best self” and hold on to everything loosely, we are wrong about most things….

Let me know what you think.

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