I had a Dream

No really, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought, I really should write this down. What was this fabulous thought…… “we froze the Bible in time.”

No updating, locked in place, frozen like that piece of your wedding cake you keep for your 25th wedding anniversary , like that. I don’t think that was what the Bible was meant to be, not like that, no… God is in motion, a verb, John Spong says “it’s a call to action.” We try to make God and the Bible noun’s , masculine noun’s to boot, frozen back there, and that’s a problem. Maybe we need to keep re-writing the God story as we go….. I know my story(life) changes?????

I know we don’t have it right yet, I know we hold on to the wrong stuff, look around us, I just read on the internet that ISIS just beheaded a Japanese man, I can guarantee it’s not what the big guy had in mind. Its old world view thinking, it’s definitely not what God had in mind. It comes from looking at any religious text as a thread(to close), taking any one verse out of context to suit your needs, not the whole tapestry in all its glory. All of us, need to be big picture people, this looking at the world from a thousands of years old prospective(a thread, to close) is getting us killed.

We need to do something about it, love them … in their brokenness, that’s what Jesus would do. If you do what you always have done you get what you always got, I am sure somebody else said it first, but here it’s me. If you still see “them”, and I do, then there is still work to be done, on me, on you, on the “them.” You know how that “work” happens, love and radical forgiveness, that’s how.

I try to tackle John 3:16 in my own humble way. Jesus is always inclusive, it’s not a club and you don’t get to choose the members, God through Jesus(for some of us) will make it work, it will be OK. Don’t put God in a box, it does you a disservice, and its way to limiting for God. Funny , we always seem to find the God we go looking for, our thoughts on God tend to be a reflection on us. Ask yourself , have your thoughts on God changed since you were a child, or are you still “coloring” inside the lines?

I quote C.S. Lewis when he says ” we think we are a body that has a soul, when really we are souls that inhabit a body.” Beautiful, what do you think? If you believe this one sentence it can change your life. You are God’s and he Loves you as you are.

I need to correct something, I use the term bibliography, instead of the correct term of bible idolatry , or falling in love with the Bible, instead of the message it delivers.

I touch on processing problems, my term for when life comes at you to fast, and ask yourself…”are you working to your highest best self.” I know sometimes it hard, but its because we make it that way.

Let me know your thoughts.

Take a listen. 9-14-2014

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