“God lets the Children tell the story”

This is a sermon I borrowed liberally from Rob Bell’s blog, and his discussion with Peter Enns, the quote above is from Mr. Enns.
Sometimes a poor schmuck like me can’t do any better then the pros’, so I let them do the heavy lifting, and its quite good.
I throw in a Thomas Merton Quote “Our personal ideas about God tells us more about ourselves, than God.” Think about that one for awhile, you know that mean nasty God of yours, take a look in the mirror my friend.

We get into the Jonah story a little, and that puts me back on the thread in the Bible that pulls the story forward, always pulling it forward, God doesn’t change, human understanding of God changes. God didn’t ask people in the old testament to kill babies, he\she didn’t period…
If your God’s chosen people and you are sure this idea is great, then it must be from God, because he is on our side right?
Its a iron age people’s understanding of who there God is, the shame of the story is that many of us today can’t see that, and use this beautiful book to justify all types of things from slavery to hate crimes. I repeat things over and over to try to make a point, we don’t have this figured out yet..
If you justify anything hurtful, in any way,with the Bible or God or Jesus, its comes from you….PERIOD(yes that’s me yelling).

The Bible is a call to action, I believe it’s story is always moving forward, to freeze the story in time(see my last post) does us all a disservice. Its belittles God and it holds us in a sometimes barbaric thought process of the past. Think ISIS here for one…. its always those people… over there… not me or mine…
If that’s your thought process(like mine is some of the time) then you are part of the problem. Yes you! and me.
Put away the crayons and your Sunday school coloring book and pull on your big boy pants, and love radically and forgive unconditionally, that’s how we find true freedom, that’s Jesus gift to us. The rest is just noise.

Sermon 9-21-2014

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