Let God “Out of our Box”

So this is one of my favorites, I got my inspiration from a Rob Bell book “Drops like Stars” in it he quotes Hugh Gallagher’s entrance exam for NYU, do yourself a favor and take a listen.

Its brings up one of my favorite concepts “let God out of the box”, we make “our” box’s over and over and over, and when we think we let God out of the box, we still see God from our box(our point of view). Thomas Merton said something like..the God we find says more about us than about God. I think God is big enough to encompass us all, Lutherans, Catholic’s, Southern Baptist, how about Jews.. Muslims… yes all of us, how could we think we could be separate from God.
I get into the concept of God only language is silence, that’s where he meets us.
I think Mark Twain said.. If I woulda had more time, I woulda said less.
Sometimes it about saying less..
Knowing what to take away…

The “tape” from 9-28=2014

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