Jesus ” Rebel with a Cause”

In this sermon I get into a little college football, and some more Rob Bell, his blog is my go to when I am short on ideas. How do you describe what the Bible is? That’s a great question, I’ll get into that. I used Rob Bells blog as a starting point and of course I added my own material.
I just had the pleasure of hearing John Spong speak in Naples, FL, what a treat, in this sermon I get into some of Bishop Spong ideas, the chief among them, when it comes down to it we are called to live our lives “wastefully.”
Laughter, babies, the beach, love, pain, touch, a sunrise, beauty everywhere, if that’s not describing your life, then your GPS(God Positioning System) is off kilter. That’s what we are suppose to do here on this earth, live our life with joy, compassion for others, have fun, Love Wastefully this is the good stuff!
I learned from Bishop Spong and Rob Bell and others, that we must look at the Bible from a first century Jewish perspective, to think about it from any other view point is naïve. It like saying modern American literature could be read and understood contextually by an Indian that lived two thousand years ago. Jews never wrote or understood the “Torah” to be literally or historically true, the books are more than that, much more. They echo our human struggle to make sense of our world, the stories might not be historical, but they are true on many levels, and the stories become even more beautiful. It makes us and the Bible “small” when we do that, look at them through a 21st century world view, its so much more than literal truth.
If you can pull back and see the thread of God running through the stories of the Bible and the progression of peoples understanding…. Beautiful. God is still speaking…if we choose to listen.
One of my favorite themes, are you happy, where does your “happy” come from ? If it comes from some where outside of you, or your waiting for some other time or “condition” to be happy, your missing out on your life. Happy can only come from inside you, its a gift.
And of course Jesus- the rebel with a cause.

Audio from 10-19-2014

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