Let them Dance!

So this was reformation Sunday, the day that Lutherans remember the day Martin Luther, the founder of the Religion, nailed his famous 95 Theses to a church door. I was inspired by Rev. Dawn Hutchings, a progressive Lutheran Minster in Canada, and her thoughts on the day. She is fabulous, her sermons and blog post have really inspired my own thought process. So I start with some of her ideas to get going.
Then as always I springboard off to my own ideas.
I get into my thought that we have frozen the Bible in time, we don’t see the “word”or God as a living thing, and (he\she) is, we need to have new Reformations all the time.

“God still Speaks.”
Does she speak to you, she will if you can learn to listen. She speaks to me, at least I hope that’s her. Its a whisper… a feeling…a knowing…
Not necessarily a thought, its something else, its deeper, a yearning, somewhere deep in your soul.

When Jesus is asked, he doesn’t talk about Gays, or tithing, or religious affiliations… no he says love the lord your God with all your heart\mind\strength\soul and your neighbor as yourself,then you will have life.
Transformational then and Transformational now. Lets try it.
Its a Love Story.. on a level we can’t put into words.

We tend to sanitize Jesus, he was a rebel. I wonder what he would think of the institutions we have made in his name, the killings committed in his name, the hurt well meaning Christians have inflicted verbally and mentally in his name. Those SINS continue today………
I feel called to move the story forward, that’s the pull- like the expanding universe, always moving…. God is action, the story can’t stand still, it needs movement or it stagnates, just look around….

I also speak about the story of one of the more mature ladies in our church, and how she remembers when, as a girl, they were not allowed to dance their “priest” said it was evil. The story does move forward!
” Let them Dance”

Let them dance… 10-25-2014

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