how can I help you today?

From my sister, thought she did a great job on this post!

The End of Reticence

Ever notice how life kinda cruises along and then BAM! everything comes bubbling up, or tumbling down, at once?

Yeah, me, too. I’m living that right now. And, I’m working to really relish it because clearly there is a lesson (maybe 1,000) in this chapter of my life.

Nutshell version – lots of loss.

A friend from my youth passed. No, we hadn’t kept in touch. Yes, it’s kinda selfish of me to feel this upset about it. But, I do – so get over yourselves. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last decade or so it’s that grief is what it is.

There are no rules, there is no order (although there are stages which have really become more like guideposts or FYIs), it doesn’t make sense and IT DOESN’T HAVE TO.

So, I’m readily available to folks going through shit storms because I’ve been through enough…

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