Ireland Stands for Equality

I too think a change is brewing, here in the US as well.
Its very understandable that the Archbishop would feel as he does, but to say its “Christian” position is part of the problem of “Church” in general! Jesus was not against “anybody”, just unjust “religion.”
Jesus is always for people- all people, all the time.
I was told years ago a thought about “vintage” cars. People of my generation can like and see value in cars of the 1920-1950’s, but I have no real desire to own one. My sweet spot are the Muscle cars of the 1960’s-1970’s. As my generation becomes the primary buyers of cars, the prices of those cars we like goes up, and the value of the older models goes down.
I think its the same with the values of different generations, as people of a certain age thought’s soften, and a younger generation comes into their own, the world will change. It has to!

I hope and pray its for the better of all mankind.
Remember, to God we are all one, there are no thems’ we are all Us’s.

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

A storm had been brewing in the North Atlantic, but as of this weekend the clouds had passed over the Irish Sea. As is common with the nasty storms that come from the roiling sea, the landscape was left forever changed – softened, gentler, and deeply appreciative of the all too rare sun.

The storm that passed over Ireland was the debate on whether to enshrine Marriage Equity in the Constitution, a document that has weathered similar storms in the scant 78 years since it was adopted. This time, however, Ireland was changing not just to catch up with the times but to lead them. It’s worth discussing on both sides of the stormy Atlantic and around the world.

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