Suddenly this God, that I had been trying hard to fathom, was there, right there! – a sermon for Advent 2C

When I hear about Climate Change, I kind of shut down, I think many of us do. What’s one person going to do, its to big, I cant help, its to scary!
But then I start thinking about what i would tell my kids if they said that about voting, I do believe one person can make a difference, I think we are all connected somehow, God is the ground of all being!
We need to be the change we want to see in the world!


jokulsarlon-glacier-lakeAs the world turns expectantly for news from the United Nations Climate Conference in Paris, we hope that leaders everywhere can find the courage to commit us all to change our ways. Prophets have been warning us for decades of the dangers of climate change. The figure of John the Baptist looms large during the first half of Advent. This angry misfit shouts and us, convicting us of hastening the end. This sermon from three years ago, asks questions which ring true today: Do we have the courage to join John the Baptist? Do we have the stamina to become a prophet of doom? Our planet may be depending on us! You can listen to the sermon here or read the text below. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but I actually met John the Baptist when I was fifteen years old. She didn’t look much like you’d imagine…

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