Message from 2-12-17

The Scripture I reference today:

Old Testament- Sirach -15:15-20

New Testament-1 Corinthians 3:1-9

Gospel – Matthew -5:21-37

Today’s Handout:

Random Thoughts 2-12-17

1.Free Will-  from Sirach 15:11-20 Good News Translation Bible, written 200 to 175 BCE—11 Don’t blame the Lord for your sin; the Lord does not cause what he hates.[a]12 Don’t claim that he has misled you; he doesn’t need the help of sinners to accomplish his purposes. 13 The Lord hates evil in all its forms, and those who fear the Lord find nothing attractive in evil. 14 When, in the beginning, the Lord created human beings, he left them free to do as they wished. 15 If you want to, you can keep the Lord’s commands. You can decide whether you will be loyal to him or not. 16 He has placed fire and water before you; reach out and take whichever you want. 17 You have a choice between life and death; you will get whichever you choose.18 The Lord’s wisdom and power are great and he sees everything. 19 He is aware of everything a person does, and he takes care of those who fear him. 20 He has never commanded anyone to be wicked or given anyone permission to sin.

2.Pastor Bruel says “Everything is going God’s way? The interesting thing is that God lets the children run the circus!
From a Pod Cast I heard with Pastor Rob Bell: “We were raised in a culture and a time where the primary energies were spent looking for differences….if we don’t start using our energies looking for similarities, we are in trouble.”
The Buddhist have this saying , when the hand points to the moon(God), don’t fall in love with the hand(religion).
I think we need to find the moon again in our religion. We need to keep the best of it, and find new ways to reach out to others!
Don’t get caught up in dogma, or being right or wrong, be authentic, follow your path, it probably won’t look like anybody Else’s path, and that OK.
We are all loved children of the ONE GOD, it has to be….
It all has to fit….
It’s a LOVE story, keep it simple. From my blog 1-26-16



3.It seems we are all addicted to our need to make distinctions and judgments, which we mistake for “thinking.” Most of us think we are our thinking, yet almost all thinking—even among highly educated people—is repetitive and immensely self-referential. That is why all forms of meditation and contemplation are teaching us a way of quieting this self-protective and self-aggrandizing mind. After a while, we see that this repetitive process cannot get us very far, simply because reality is not all about us and our preferences! Richard Rohr CAC 1-30-17


  1. Francis of Assisi knew that if you can accept that the finite manifests the infinite and that the physical is the doorway to the spiritual (the foundational principle we call “incarnation”) then all you need is right here and right now—in this world. This is the way to that!Heaven includes Earth. Time opens you up to the timeless, space opens you up to spacelessness, if you only take them for the clear doorways that they are. There are not sacred and profane things, places, and moments. There are only sacred and desecrated things, places, and moments—and it is we who desecrate them by our blindness and lack of reverence. It is one sacred universe, and we are all a part of it. CAC Richard Rohr

5.Contemplation is an entirely new way of knowing the world that has the power to move us beyond mere ideology and dualistic thinking. Mature religion will always lead us to some form of prayer, meditation, or contemplation to balance out our daily calculating mind. Believe me, it is major surgery, and you must practice it for years to begin to rewire your egocentric responses. Contemplation is work, so much so that most people give up after their first futile attempts. But the goal of contemplation is not success, only the continuing practice itself. The only people who pray well are those who keep praying! In fact, the continued re-connecting is the praying, not occasional consolations. Take that as an absolute. CAC 2-6-2017


Here is the audio from today, I hope you enjoy.

1 thought on “Message from 2-12-17

  1. For me, meditation is the 2nd half of prayer.
    1st step is me talking to God, 2nd step (meditation) is me Listening to God.
    Meditation can be sitting somewhere in a lotus position, eyes closed. But, it can also be a walk in nature when you relax enough to open and allow wisdom to seep in… it’s the conversation you have with yourself or another where you’re open enough to let a small epiphany happen.

    It’s closing your eyes right before bed and saying “Thank you — tell me, show me…” and drifting off to sleep. Or, even chanting mantras or singing a church hymn.

    The point is to, even if for a SECOND, still the mind…can’t quiet the voice in there? Then at least recognize that you don’t have to follow it down the rabbit hole.

    Sat Nam! (Truth is my identify). So Hum (I Am). Namaste (the Divine in me bows to the Divine in you).


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